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     James Burdick started formal guitar studies with Felix Bullock at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music. While at the Pasadena Conservatory, James received musical instruction from Adam Brown, Carlos Rafael Rivera, and celebrated teacher Scott Tennant. James has performed in masterclasses with Benjamin Verdery, William Kanengiser, David Grimes, Scott Tennant, and David Russell. Recent musical collaborations have included performances with Scott Tennant and Christopher Goodpasture.

     James has performed in a number of exciting venues, including the ‘Guitar Nights’ series at the South Pasadena Public Library, the Palos Verdes Library Concert Series, and a private concert under the auspices of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra.

     In addition to his guitar talents, James is an accomplished vocalist, under the direction of Nancy Sensenbach. James has sung in a number of venues, including a private concert for benefactors of the Pasadena Symphony. In their 2007-2008 season, James performed both as a vocalist and a guitarist with the University Choir and Orchestra of Azusa Pacific University, which has biweekly performances in various locations in Southern California.

     While actively developing a performance career, James is currently pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at Citrus College, one of the oldest colleges in California.

     James Burdick has received numerous awards for his artistry, including several California rotary club competitions and winning first place in the American String Teachers Association’s Aron Green guitar competition. Additionally, James was a prize-winning competitor in the junior division at the first Parkening International Classical Guitar Competition.


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